2 Person Motorcycle Intercom Kit from Rugged Radios


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2 Person Motorcycle Intercom Kit from Rugged Radios


Overview: Connect driver, passenger and iPod/MP3 player with this RRP150 intercom and helmet speaker/mic kit.

The new Rugged RRP150 intercom system is simple to use and and easy to install. Built to perform, the RRP150 is designed with the same race proven technology of all our proven products.

Plug in a 9V battery and your ready to go. Features include quick disconnect helmet jacks, filtered background noise circuit for clear communications, efficient circuit design for long battery life, and 3.5mm industry standard jack for music input with on/off switch.

The RRP150 2-place system packs a powerful punch. Just plug in, turn on, and take off!


    RRP150 portable intercom
    (2) 6-foot helmet cables
    2 HK-OFSP OFFROAD wired helmet kits
    Music cable for connecting iPods or MP3
    Music on/off switch
    5 pin locking headset ports
    Car to car radio port
    Remote Push-to-Talk (PTT) port for 2-way radios

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350-2P-Race-MD-1.jpg 350-2P-Race-MD


2 Person Motorcycle Intercom Kit from Rugged Radios
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