Periheral Ipod adaptor with ipod /Iphone charging

Product Description: The PXP01 provides a convenient way to enjoy the latest generation iPod Video in the automobile. Audio and Video playback as well as a *charging input make the PXP01 by far the easiest way to enjoy all the features of the new iPod Video.

Imagine enjoying all the sound quality and video content of your iPod Video in your automobile while on your way to work or on that long family road trip. Play your favorite music videos (a TV/Monitor is required for video playback) for your passengers or play the latest cartoon on the rear seat entertainment system for the kids. You can now enjoy all you paid for.

The PXP01 also ensures that your iPod is always ready to go by charging the iPod while connected. Best of all, you can still operate your iPod from the clickwheel you've grown to love! Peripheral?s PXP01 connects to the dock connector found on G3, G4, Nano, Photo, iPod Video and provides two stereo audio outputs and a single composite video output for iPod Video only!. The provided power wires are connected to the automobile?s switched power so that the iPod is charged while the car is in use. Its stereo audio outputs can be connected to the audio input of an aftermarket radio or to many factory radio using an Auxiliary Input adapter sold separately.

This PXP01 is designed to deliver un-compromised AUDIO (All iPods) and VIDEO playback (iPod Video only) in a wide range of applications.

» Direct audio connection for optimal sound quality (no FM Modulator)

» Control all iPod functions using the iPod buttons. Controlling iPod products from the radio is not possible using this adapter.---- [See our iPod interfaces.]

» Display of Song name, artist name, song tittle and etc are not supported. --- Display and controls remain with the iPod. » Compatible with 3G, 4G, 5G, Mini, Nano, Photo & iPod Video [ Does not provide video output from the Touch, iPhone, iPod Classic and the new Nano (square). ]

» Includes docking cable (6 ft. long) that connects directly into the bottom of the iPod?

» Charges the iPod while the ignition is on. [black and red wire must be properly connected]


ipod input blade connector with charging
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