RRP660 4-Place Ultimate with 50 Watt Radio and DSP


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RRP660 4-Place Ultimate with 50 Watt Radio and DSP

A consumer favorite combining the headsets and connections for (4) people with the RRP660 intercom and DSP for the best in audio clarity. This kit provides the best features with the best components to deliver unparalleled communications. (can expand up to 6-persons)

The ultimate VOX Intercom system for clear driver and co-driver communications is the perfect plug-in and race system with Push-to-Talk (PTT), even working with other pre-wired helmets such as PCI Race Radios, Parker Pumper, RacerX, and MRC Mobile Radio Communications.

Also features high-output iPod port with Auto Muting. Listen to your music without any external amplifier like the other intercoms. Simply connect to a 12 volt system, plug in the extension cables, and put on your helmet. It's that easy!

Kit Includes:

    (1) RRP660 Rugged intercom
    (1) DSP Chip
    (4) H23 Carbon Fiber Ultimate Headsets
    (2) 12' Intercom Extension Cables
    (2) 16' Intercom Extension Cables
    (1) Straight Music Cord (for MP3/iPod)
    (1) Vertex VX2200 VHF 50-Watt Mobile Radio
    (1) Radio Jumper for Vertex
    (1) NMO Antenna Mount
    (1) VHF Antenna (144-174 Mhz) 1/2 Wave
    (1) Push-to-Talk with Coil Cord
    (1) Push-to-Talk with Straight Cord


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RRP660 4-Place Ultimate with 50 Watt Radio and DSP
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