Ratchet Hex Crimping Tool


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Ratchet Hex Crimping Tool

 The perfect crimp tool to use when building your own antenna kits.

 A high quality  8.7" ratchet crimping tool HT336G reduces fatigue on your hand by reducing the amount of pressure needed to crimp the connector. If you have a lot of crimping to do, this tool is a must. Accommodates RG59, RG59 and RG62 RG141 RG174, LMR100 RG cables; plus the laminated steel construction will last for years. Contoured handle for added comfort..

    Ratcheting operation reduces hand fatigue
    Accommodates RG58, RG59 and RG62 RG174 LMR100 LMR195 LMR240 cables
    Laminated steel construction
    Contoured handle
    Lifetime Warranty

    Capable of crimping a wide range of connectors...
    Suitable for SMA, SMB, SMC, TNC, N-Type, MCX, MMCX and more...
    Common Coaxial Cable types...
    Capable of crimping RG58, RG59 and RG62 RG174 LMR100 cables
    6 Crimp Sizes  with Hex Diameters ± 0.1 in Die...
    .0.42''(1.07mm), .065''(1.65mm), .100''(2.54mm),.137''(3.48mm),.213''(5.41mm),.255''(6.48mm)





Ratchet Hex Crimping Tool
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