Rugged Radios 350 2-Place Wireless KOH Kit



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Rugged Radios 350 2-Place Wireless KOH Kit


 Wireless intercom and transmitter allows co-driver to remain untethered for true wireless communication and quick exit out of the vehicle to assist for spotting.

• Developed for Rock Crawling and "King of the Hammers"
• Bluetooth technology up to 300' transmission range
• Co-Driver/Spotter is not tethered to in-car equipment
• Mobile radio not required

The driver is connected to the in-car 350 wireless intercom while the co-driver uses the remote transmitter connected to his headset or helmet.



During competition, the co-driver/spotter can quickly get out of the vehicle without having to disconnect from anything!
For effective communication when time and simplicity can make or break your race, this wireless kit from Rugged Radios is the ultimate setup.

If being hard-wired is a preference or necessity, this same kit can easily connect directly to the intercom with the (2) included backup offered cables.

The RRP350 wireless intercom is a compact 2-place intercom system with music input port and music mute switch. Works with all PCI Race Radios, RacerX, Parker Pumper, and MRC Mobile Radio Communications wired pumper helmets. Simply connect to 12 volt, plug in the extension cables, and put on your helmet. Yes, clear racing communications is that easy!






Complete Kit Includes:

    (1) RRP350 Bluetooth Wireless 2-place intercom with wireless transmitter
    (1) Co-Driver Wireless Belt Pack
    (1) CC-OFF-EXT coiled cable
    (2) CS-12-OFF headset to intercom cables (as backups if needed)




Rugged Radios 350 2-Place Wireless KOH Kit
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