VHF 1/2 Wave Antenna (144-174Mhz)


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VHF 1/2 Wave Antenna (144-174Mhz) 


 No ground plane, 1/2 wave base loaded antenna. Molded high heat ABS mounting base features silver soldered connections, gold plated push pin contacts and O-ring.

Frequency Range     144-174
Connector Type       None
Color                         Chrome Model(s)
Gain                          2.4 dB
Bandwidth              4 MHz
Power (watts)      200
Whip Material        17-7PH Stainless Steel
Whip Length          1442N=49"
Base Style             NMO Style
Mount Style          None
Connector Type   None
Warranty          2 Year



VHF-025-WAVE-MD-1.jpg VHF-025-WAVE-MD

VHF 1/2 Wave Antenna (144-174Mhz)
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